How to deal with an unexpected pet in your life

Fox Hollow Farm in rural Washington State has an amazing story behind its dog food.

Fox Hollow Farm owner Steve O’Brien and his wife, Kiki, opened the farm in 1986.

They raised a family of four children and a dog, which they named Gertie.

Gertie is still on the farm today, with the family having grown up and grown up again.

But when the family started selling farm-fresh dog food at farmers markets in the early 2000s, they realized there was a demand for their product.

Fox Hill Farm sells their product for $6 a pound, and the company has since expanded to offer their dog food for more than $40 a pound.

And the family is selling their dog meals at local pet stores and online.

Foxhill Farm’s mission statement is simple: “We believe in the power of the family.”

And they’re not the only ones.

According to Fox Hollow, the number of dogs that are purchased by their customers has grown exponentially since their first farm sale.

A recent poll found that nearly 90 percent of dog owners say they want their dogs to be healthy and well-mannered.

And Fox Hollow says that it is helping to keep their customers satisfied.

In 2017, Fox Hollow received an incredible response to their product, and they’ve seen their customer base grow exponentially since then.

According to Fox Hill Farm, sales grew by a whopping 30 percent during the 2016 season, while overall sales went up by about 25 percent in 2017.

And that is with the same number of dog meals being sold for $12.

Fox Hills owner Steve and Kiki O’Briens are passionate about making sure that their customers are satisfied, and that they’re able to afford to buy quality dog food in the first place.

Their goal is to keep Fox Hollow in business and they have been doing just that.

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