Australia’s dairy industry set to suffer from warmer weather

Farm animals and dairy cattle are struggling to cope with the weather, with the number of calves being kept in warmer temperatures expected to fall by about 1,500 in coming weeks, according to a report from the Farm Animal Welfare Society (FAWS).

“Our concern is that if we don’t have enough cows to feed them, we will have to have fewer calves to supply the demand for milk,” said FAWS director, Dr. Heather Purnell.

“This will be a difficult time for all of us.”

The FAWC said it was not clear how many of the estimated 2.6 million calves in Australia’s pasture systems were in the riskiest areas of pasture.

Some of those areas are already suffering from extreme weather events, with recent rains, for example, reducing yields for many crops.

The report said some of the worst affected areas included the north-west of the state of Victoria, the south-west, the north of Queensland and the north east of the states of South Australia and Tasmania.

It said that by the end of June there were about 1.2 million dairy cattle in Australia.

The FawC said some areas had been hit harder than others.

“Some areas have experienced extreme weather and have had to have the herd cut in half,” Dr. Purnll said.

“Our advice to the industry is, there’s still a lot to do.” “

A farm animal shelter will hold its annual cattle meeting at the Great Northern Farm at Whitehouse, near Sydney, on Tuesday, June 7. “

Our advice to the industry is, there’s still a lot to do.”

A farm animal shelter will hold its annual cattle meeting at the Great Northern Farm at Whitehouse, near Sydney, on Tuesday, June 7.

Photo: Michael Clayton-Jones/AAP “We need to start to make the best of the situation and find the right mix of feed that we need to supply to all of our cows in the right amount,” Dr Purnel said.

Dairy producers are already struggling to meet their demand.

“The last two years have been extremely tough for dairy cattle,” she said.

While some areas were not experiencing the same drought as last year, other areas had experienced “really tough weather” including the North West of the country, the Great Australian Desert, the South West of Australia, the Central West of Queensland, and the Northern Territory.

“It’s quite clear that the demand is going to be quite low,” Dr Fowles said.

The dairy industry is facing some of its biggest challenges since the Great Depression.

“If we don ‘t start to do something now, there will be no milk to feed the cows,” she added.

A farm is seen on a farm near Wairarapa in WA, Australia.

Photo : Supplied Dr Prenell said it could take up to three months for the number to return to normal levels.

“What we are trying to do is provide some reassurance for our customers to ensure that we are getting the milk we need for our cattle,” Dr D’Alessandro said.

Dr Pernell said that while there was no single cause for the problems, there were a number of factors including the introduction of antibiotics, the introduction and use of feedlots, and warmer weather events.

“All of these things are really affecting the industry,” she told AAP.

“And the worst of it is that we can’t be sure that our milk supply will be sufficient.”

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