Which Snake River Farm’s Employees Are Sexually Assaulting Their Farm Workers

Farm workers at Snake River Farms, a Montana-based livestock operation that has received an influx of donations after a viral video of farm workers masturbating in a goat pen went viral, are under scrutiny for their alleged sexual assaults on farm workers.

The video, which was filmed last year, shows workers in a barn in Idaho using a “fleshlight” to penetrate goats while another worker holds the goat’s neck with her left hand.

It’s unclear what the workers were doing, or why the goat was in the barn in the first place.

Snake River told the Associated Press that it is investigating the footage, which it claims is “not representative of the work environment we operate in.”

However, the goats are now being sold at a farm auction and it appears the workers may be involved in some sort of abuse, according to local Fox affiliate KCCI.

Fox News interviewed two workers at the farm.

The first, who identified herself only as a “sexually assaulted goat farmer,” told the news station that she has been sexually assaulted several times on her own farm.

She said that when she first started working at the operation, it was consensual.

But when she tried to quit, she said, her boss threatened to terminate her and fired her.

The farm’s workers also claimed that they were paid $8.50 an hour, but Fox News discovered that the workers earned $12.60 per hour.

Fox also interviewed the owner of the goats, who told Fox News that he had been sexually abused as a farm worker.

The goat farm owner did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Bleacher Reports.

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