When the Olympics come, let’s celebrate the world’s best farm animals

It’s hard to get over how many animals are on the Olympic farms.

At least 40,000 of them are farm animals, with many of them kept in cramped quarters.

And yet, even the animals are often kept in such small spaces that they can be neglected or abused.

The world’s biggest farm animal trade involves thousands of animals, and the animals on the farms are treated with such brutality that some of them can’t even be vaccinated.

The animals on Olympic farms have to be taken to a specially created, enclosed, enclosed pens to be given injections and other medications, usually at very high doses, in order to stay alive.

But some are never given the proper treatment.

The animals on these farms are usually too weak or too old to be vaccinated, and they can’t survive.

There are so many of these animals on farm, and so few people know what they’re doing.

I’ve always been interested in animal welfare, and I decided to write a book about the animals.

So when I heard about this Olympic farm animal trafficking scandal, I knew I had to investigate.

The story of Olympic farm animals goes back to 2004.

I was working on an investigative project on animal abuse in China, and we happened to have the archives of a farm called the Roloff Farm in Shandong province.

It was one of the most dangerous farm operations in the country.

I spoke to a farmer named Yu Jiyan who lived there for more than a decade, and he was in the midst of a very bad period of animal abuse.

The factory was so overcrowded that it was difficult to feed the animals, but Yu said the farm was in a bad state.

I had a chance to interview Yu Jiuan and his wife, who worked at the farm.

She told me that in 2006, Yu had been forced to sell his entire family to pay off his debts and cover the expenses for the factory.

She said she and her husband, who were already broke, were desperate to sell their family to cover the bills and get out of the factory, and that they were going to do anything to save their family.

She also said that she and Yu had to move into an apartment that was far away from the factory to save them money.

The couple even moved in with the factory’s other residents to save the family from living in a small space.

At first, the farm seemed okay, but then things started to get more and more extreme.

Yu and his family lived in cramped, filthy rooms.

They would go to the supermarket to buy food, but they would have to eat in a separate area.

And when they would leave the house, they would not have enough food to eat, and Yu said he was always hungry.

He also told me the farm would only give him 1,000 yuan ($17.50) a day, and at that rate, he would starve to death in a month.

When I told Yu Jiuans story to him, he said that he was afraid of his life and the safety of his family.

He said that one day, a worker came in to inspect the factory and said they were having some issues with the animals and that Yu Jiutans children were being abused.

He was also told that the factory had some problems with its sanitation, and one of Yu’s children had been taken to the hospital with pneumonia.

Yu Jiuan told me he was so scared that he had to hide in his home.

His family also told him not to tell anyone what happened to the farm animals.

He told me there were many problems in the farm, so the factory would be in trouble if he told anyone.

The farm owner said he didn’t know how to handle the situation.

He didn’t understand how to take care of his farm animals and to treat them with the proper medical care.

He seemed very stressed.

I think he was scared and had a difficult time coping with the situation, he told me.

I also spoke with the owner and learned that he said he would sell his farm, but he was worried that his family would be sold too.

When he learned of the abuse of the farm’s animals, Yu Jiun said he and his husband were afraid of the consequences of what he was going to tell people.

They were also afraid of losing their livelihood, and because of that, they were afraid to even speak out.

And because he and Yu were afraid, Yu and the farm owner weren’t allowed to speak to the press.

I spoke to Yu Jiuyuan and he told The Wall St. Journal that he thought that if the factory owner or the owner of the animal farm were to find out about the abuse, they could make the factory stop.

I asked him how long it would take him to get the factory involved and see what would happen if they did, and his response was, “I will never get involved with this problem again.”

I was shocked.

The owner of a large animal

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