What you need to know about the world’s oldest animal farm

When the American-born Millenia farmer Robert Smith was a boy, his mother would go out to the barn to fetch milk for his family.

When she returned, the cows were dead, and the milk had spoiled.

Now, they’ve been in the barn for generations.

Smith, the grandson of a miller in upstate New York, grew up in a small farm community near the Canadian border and studied zoology at Cornell University.

He went on to become a veterinarian and eventually became a certified farm animal technician.

He has owned Millenias Mill Farm, a dairy farm in upcountry Wisconsin, for nearly a century, and it is a proud home to a large herd of animals including a 1,200-pound cow, four golden retrievers, three geese and one goat.

Millenia Farm was named in honor of Smith’s grandfather, who was born on the same day as the first farm in Wisconsin, in 1884.

The mill’s namesake, Millenius, was born about the same time.

Millenians Mill Farm is located near St. Francis, Wisconsin, about 60 miles north of Madison.

(The St. Louis Post-Dispatch)Smith’s Millenial Farm is a dairy-based operation that has been in business for about three decades.

It was built in 1978 and has grown into a facility that houses about 1,400 animals, including 1,000 cows.

There are also two breeding operations for pigs and six other breeds of dairy animals.

Smith’s Mill is located on a rural road in the northern part of the state.

(St. Louis Park, Wisconsin)A typical day for Millenian Farm includes: – A feedlot of up to 150 cows for feed; – The cows graze in a field for a year or more – The barns are maintained by a farm technician, who oversees the operation – The animals are fed on pasture, at feed lots or in small feed pens – There are two breeding facilities for pigs, a herd of 1,100 and four other breeds, including golden retrieves, geese, a goat and a pig.

The dairy operations also sell meat from their own meat department.

(Southeast Wisconsin Public Television)Millenians farm includes three barns and three feeding and slaughter facilities.

The cows are fed grass, hay and water at various stages of their lives, and then are sent to slaughter in a barn.

The barn itself is a huge barn, covered with wooden beams and fences that are secured with barbed wire.

The animals, usually between six and nine months old, are packed into a barn with about 200 cows.

(Facebook)Millennium Farm has two barns, one for feed and one for slaughter.

The feedlot is where the animals are born and the slaughter is where they are killed.

The facility is a small, one-story barn with a wooden shed that’s covered in barbed-wire fencing.

Millennia Mill Farm has been open for about 80 years.

(Millenias Farm)Millenic Farm was the oldest dairy farm on the East Coast, according to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, and operated from 1903 until the 1940s.

The company is now owned by a private entity and has expanded to about 20 locations.

It is not known if the animals on Milleniams farm are the same animals on millenias mill farm.

(Associated Press)Millenium Farm was a dairy operation in the late 1900s.

Millenic Farm is the oldest known dairy operation on the West Coast.

The farm was purchased by a group of investors in 2012.

(Reuters)Millens Mill Farm began as a mill in 1894, and has since grown into an operation that handles nearly 1,500 animals.

The milk is used for all of Millen’s products, including cheese, yogurt and cream, and some products are also sold in the United States.

(Getty Images)Millers Mill Farm opened in 1891 and was established by Millenios Millenies Mill, a small dairy farm owned by Milles Millen, a farmer in up state New York.

Millers Mill was the first dairy farm to be established in Wisconsin.

(Wikimedia Commons)Millions Mill Farm was one of the first farms to be created on the east coast, with Millenio’s Mill and Millenicas Mill as the two other main owners.

The first cows were born in 1885, but Milleniers Mill was founded in 1892, and Millerns Mill was established in 1895.

Millers was originally built as a farm that sold cheese and yogurt.

After the dairy was established, Millers milk was sold in cheese shops across the United State and exported to England, Italy and France.

Milles was the biggest dairy operator in Wisconsin at the time.

Mills Mill Farm grew into an enormous operation with the creation of Millers Farm, which eventually expanded to 40 farms.

The original Mill

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