Why don’t we really know anything about the first man who ever walked on Mars?

The first man to walk on Mars may have been an Englishman who went by the name of Anthony Anderson, according to a new study published in the journal Science.

The first person to set foot on Mars is believed to have been a young boy, named Anthony Anderson.

His father, Anthony Anderson Jr, lived on the outskirts of Nottinghamshire, in Nottinghamshire County, England.

“He lived in the countryside and never went out on the road,” said Anthony Anderson Sr. “He never went into towns or into villages.”

Anthony Anderson Jr lived alone in a small room at the back of his father’s house.

Anthony Anderson Sr died in 1903 at the age of 38.

He was buried at his father, but it’s not known if his remains are still in the ground.

Anthony Anderson was born on December 22, 1776, in England.

He worked as a labourer for the Lord Mayor of London.

He moved to Nottinghamshire in 1779.

In 1784, he left his home and began working in a farm.

In 1817, he became a clerk in the Middlesex County Council, and became involved in politics.

He won a seat in the Nottinghamshire Council in 1820, and a seat as Lord Mayor in 1822.

In 1830, he was elected as the mayor of Nottingham, and served for 25 years.

He became a member of the Nottingham Royal Society in 1844.

In 1850, he married Maria Anderson, and they had a daughter, Anne.

He died in 1876.

The first Martian to walk to MarsAnthony Anderson worked as an apprentice to a mechanic, who was hired by the Royal Society.

When he started working on his own in the 1850s, he started to receive visitors from outside the world.

“In 1858, Mr. Anderson, who had been on a trip to India and had visited India once before, went to India again and came back in the company of his friend and colleague, John F. Hall,” wrote author Dr. James Allen.

“They were very much interested in the Indian culture.

In fact, they were quite friendly to Mr. and Mrs. Anderson.

They made a great deal of enquiries and Mr. Hall made a number of interesting discoveries about the Indian people and cultures.”

After he died, Anthony and Maria Anderson’s son, Anthony, lived in Nottingham.

He never set foot outside his father.

“His son Anthony, after his father died, lived a very solitary life and was very poor,” said his son.

“He never even went out in the country.

He never went to a church or any of that kind of thing.

He only went to school, he went to the local school, and the rest was just sitting on the ground.”

Anthony’s life changed dramatically when he was 16 years old.

He decided to leave the family farm, and went to work as a tailor.

He did his apprenticeship for a few years, before he took a job in a factory in Nottingham, which was also owned by his father and his sister.

In 1860, he retired from his apprenticeships, and he became involved with the local community.

“I was very interested in what the community was like,” he said.

“My brother, Henry Anderson, came to visit me at my farm at the time.

He was the first person that I met in Nottingham.”

He began to work on the local area and began to make connections with people.

“It was quite an interesting time to be working in the village,” he told New Scientist.

“The people in the area were very tolerant, very friendly and very friendly towards people who lived and worked in the town.”

After a few months, Anthony began to see an improvement in the lives of the people of Nottingham.

“At that time, I think it was 1867, it was an industrial town, it had a lot of factories,” he recalled.

“We had very good relations with the miners and other workers.

We had an agricultural area and we had a good trade.

And so the people were very good to us.”

But Anthony Anderson’s work was not going well.

In the summer of 1868, he lost a leg in an accident, and his health deteriorated.

“By this time, my brother had become a very old man,” he remembered.

“When I lost my leg, my father said, ‘Anthony, it’s your leg.

It’s your last leg.'”

In 1869, Anthony lost his leg, and after being confined to a wheelchair for a year, he passed away on January 16, 1870.

The family buried him in a mass grave in the parish church in Nottinghams town centre.

The next year, a plaque commemorating his life was put up at the grave site.

“A very young man, Anthony” was the name inscribed on the plaque.

“Anthony Anderson” was inscribed on another plaque on the gravestone.

“One of the gravestones says, ‘For Anthony

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