Which county will win the Kentucky Derby?

By Katie Kiely The Kentucky Derby will be contested on March 9, 2020.

The winner will be crowned the “State Champion.”

Here are the best odds.

Kentucky Derby odds from the books, by BookmakerBet (via OddsShark)The Derby is a two-day race on the Kentucky and Tennessee rivers.

The Kentucky race begins at 10:00am local time, with the Tennessee race beginning at 11:00pm.

Here are all the odds from bookmakers on the event, including betting odds for the Kentucky race:KNOXVILLE, Tenn.

(AP) The Kentucky derby has been the most talked about sporting event of the year in the U.S., but the sport’s most prestigious prize could end up in the hands of one county: the Tennessee farm bureau.

BookmakerMaxim has released a list of odds for Saturday’s Kentucky Derby, with most sites reporting a 5-4 win for Kentucky.

There’s a 4-1 odds for Tennessee, with 3-1 for Kentucky, and a 2-1 split for both counties.

The most popular bet on the Derby is Tennessee at 6-1.

Bookmakers also released odds for Kentucky Derby winners from the 2017 Kentucky Derby and the 2016 Kentucky Derby.

A 6-2 Tennessee win would give the Titans the most win total at the race, but a 2.5-1 Kentucky win would push Kentucky ahead of Tennessee.

Kentucky Derby odds:Tennessee 5-1: 2.9-1BookmakersMaxim.com (via Bleacher Report)The Kentucky Derby is expected to draw an estimated 1.8 million spectators for the event on Saturday, the third year in a row it’s been the biggest-drawing event of this year.

The state is home to a number of major Kentucky sports, including Kentucky Derby winner Kentucky basketball, Kentucky Derby champions the Kentucky women’s basketball team, and Kentucky Derby champion the Kentucky high school basketball program.

The Kentucky Sports Commission estimates that attendance will be up by as much as 1 million at the event.

There will be about 200,000 people on hand, according to the commission.

The commission is currently reviewing the Derby results to determine the next event’s draw, which could be as soon as next week.

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