How did you handle the “Sesame Street” parody?

A new parody of Sesame Street called “Sicilian Chicken” is about to hit the internet.

According to a news release from a site called The Internet Movie Database, the show’s “SICILIAN CHICKEN” will make its debut on March 8th.

The website states that the series is set in “a futuristic South African village” and is a parody of a popular children’s TV show.

It is set to air in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and South Africa.

It will also be released on DVD and Blu-ray in the U.S. and the U,K.

The release is being billed as a “complete entertainment experience,” and that the show will be available to download for free.

In addition to the series, the site claims that the video-game series “Sonic the Hedgehog” will be “rebooted as a Sonic game.”

The game was released in 2013 and was later remade as “Sidewalk Chronicles” in 2017.

The game is also slated to be released for PC on March 10th.

Sicily Chicken was first released in the late 1980s and was based on a TV show called “The Sesame St. SpongeBob SquarePants,” which ran from 1981 to 1985.

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