Which Disney Princesses Are Your Favorite?

We’re going to have to give up some of the original list here, because of the fact that it’s been a while since we had any real choice, and it’s getting a little boring.

It’s been fun to see the Disney Princess movies come back and forth for a while now, so it’s only fitting that this list would include the last four princesses to make an appearance in the franchise, along with the last three princesses who have already been brought back in later films. 

It’s not all roses and sunsets though, as there are some very different choices in this list.

First up, we have Elsa, the first princess to be introduced in Frozen.

I’m a big fan of Frozen, and the Disney princesses, even though they’ve been around for nearly two decades, are still the most popular in the entire world, so when it comes to choosing which Disney princess is your favorite, I think this is the right choice. 

Elsa was introduced in the movie when she was only in her early twenties, so I think the fact she’s now a teen and already a Disney princess means that she’s just a little more mature than other Disney princess. 

The movie also features the first time that Elsa is in a dress, so we’ve got two very different options here. 

Another interesting choice here is Mulan, the last princess to appear in Frozen, but she’s the first who is not a princess.

This gives her a lot of freedom in the film, so that’s always nice to see. 

Next, we’ve gotten to see Princess Aurora, the youngest princess in the Disney universe.

She’s the daughter of King Triton, and she’s also the first to appear on the list.

She also has a lot more agency in the plot of the film than Elsa does, so her inclusion here would be a nice way to show off that she has a major role to play in the story. 

Finally, we get to see Aurora’s sister, Belle.

Belle is a Disney classic, so she’s not surprising here, but it’s nice to finally see her back in the spotlight in the form of a Disney Princess. 

This is probably the most fun of the list, as it is a lot less difficult to make a list of the Disney-centric princesses. 

Of course, we’re not done with princesses yet.

The princesses that are available in Disney Infinity 2.0 are all new characters, and there’s also a new version of Princess Jasmine that will be available for the first of these characters to be released.

So this is just the beginning of a massive list of Disney-related content to come, and I’m looking forward to seeing what Disney does with these new princesses!

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