How to grow a sustainable organic farm on the farm

The growing of organic vegetables, fruits and herbs is becoming increasingly popular in some of the world’s poorest countries.

However, growing organic farm soil is becoming a bit more difficult to do due to the proliferation of soil banks, farms that provide organic fertiliser and water for crops.

Organic farmer and organic fertilisation expert, Roshan Mehta, said that the demand for organic fertilisers and water is also increasing.

“In some areas, farmers have started cultivating organic soil on their own land in order to reduce the cost of fertiliser,” he said.

According to Mehtah, organic farmers have been doing this for several years.

“There are some organic farmers who are already planting organic crops on their farms, while others are trying to take up organic farming in some parts of the country,” he added.

However the farmers have to be careful to ensure the soil they plant is of good quality, which is why organic farmers should be vigilant about ensuring that their soil is organic.

According the US government, one billion tons of organic fertilizer is used in the United States every year.

In India, farmers are growing organic crops in some areas where there are poor access to fertiliser.

The Organic Farming Association of India, an NGO that promotes organic farming, has also said that many farmers are not following best practices when it comes to soil quality.

The association also advises farmers to be mindful about the fact that there is a lot of water on organic farms.

“It’s important that farmers are aware of the quality of the soil, because it can lead to poor soil quality and erosion,” Mehtaa said.

The organic farmer’s biggest challenge in India, however, is getting adequate fertiliser, Mehtasaid.

“Some farmers are using fertiliser which is too expensive.

They are also using organic fertilizers that are not as efficient,” he explained.

Farmers can use fertiliser in some cases, but they must ensure that it is made of good organic material.

“We have some farmers using organic manure to fertilise their soil.

We have also used organic compost for the organic fertilised soil.

In some cases farmers have also made use of the manure and compost in order for the soil to be more organic,” Meathasaid, a farmer, said.

However he warned that organic fertilising is a difficult task and farmers have a few hurdles to overcome before they can grow organic crops.

“Even in India where we have organic fertilises, it takes some time to cultivate and plant organic crops because we have to pay for the fertilisers.

We do have organic fertilizer available but farmers are struggling to find it,” Mehetasaid said.”

Farmers are also worried about the cost as there are fertilisers that are priced at US$10 per kg, but that is still too much,” he continued.

“It’s not easy to afford fertiliser that is of better quality.”

According to him, organic farming is also important for the health of the environment.

“As a farmer I can say that organic farming has a lot to offer in terms of environmental sustainability,” he pointed out.

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