Fox Hollow Farm is an agricultural cooperative that is working with local organizations to help the Fox Hollow family survive and thrive in a rapidly changing world

Fox Hollow Farms is an organic farm that has been growing organic corn for almost 10 years and is now expanding to other areas of the country. 

It’s a farm with a large family of employees, but it’s not just the family farm that is doing well. 

“We are really excited to be part of the transition to a world where organic is the norm,” says Steve McInerney, who was hired by Fox Hollow to be the farm’s new operations manager.

“The more we work together to support the farm, the better we can provide a better quality of life for our farm workers, the communities they live in and the world around them.” 

It also helps to know that you’re not alone.

“We know it can be tough out there and we know the challenges people have when they come out to a new country and get into a new environment,” McInorney says.

“Our job is to get them through that, because that’s what we are all here for.

We want to help them through the process and help them realize what they can really do.” 

Fox Hollow Farms will begin offering free organic corn to those who sign up for a local program on the farm and it’s already starting to show some positive results. 

A group of workers at the Fox Haven farm had a small corn crop that was a good first step toward starting a local organic farm.

In addition to offering free corn, Fox Hollow has also been working with a local organization to help its farmworkers.

While many farmworkers are used to being paid in cash, they’re not necessarily familiar with the concept of being paid by the acre. 

On this farm, farm workers can be compensated in two ways: “Farm worker compensation,” which is a government program that is paid in the form of corn, cash or a mix of cash and cash equivalents; or “farm employee compensation,” a federal program that pays workers up to $50,000 per year. 

According to the USDA, farm employee compensation includes food, fuel, housing and other costs associated with their work. 

Farm worker payments will be rolled out gradually, starting with one-year increments in 2018.

And the farm is planning to expand its program even further by providing farm worker compensation for all of its workers. 

The program is being expanded from its current size to include workers who are certified as food workers, but the farm doesn’t plan to expand to everyone.

 “For our workers, it’s all about the same thing,” McIngorney explains.

“It’s about getting them a paycheck.

It’s about making sure they have the training, the experience, the training they need to survive in this new environment.” 

The farm will also offer the farm workers a portion of their compensation to the organization that helps them transition to the new world.

The farm is working on a pilot program that will pay workers up $1,000 a year to attend a program on Fox Hollows farm and then $1 at a time for two years, according to the farm. 

Once the program is up and running, the farm will provide the farmworkers with a full range of support services. 

And Fox Hollow hopes to have a large, new program to cover the cost of the food they need from the farm for the first year.

As a farm, Fox Haven Farm is doing everything it can to help others.

According to a news release, the Farm Assistance program will cover: the cost of rent, food, transportation and lodging for farm workers; food, clothing, shelter and other necessities; and rent for the employees. 

Fox Haven Farms is also planning to provide the staff with a variety of financial assistance. 

They’re also working with the National Center for Fair Labor Standards (CFLS) to help those workers who might be affected by the wage theft crisis. 

This is just the beginning for Fox Hollow.

The farm will have more opportunities to offer the workers, and the farmworker program is just one part of a broader program that includes a program for the farm worker program, and another that will provide food and other support services to the workforce.

Fox Hollow Farm, an organic dairy farm in northern Wisconsin, is the first organic farm in the U.S. to offer farm worker benefits.

Photo by Fox Farms website

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