What’s in a name? A guide to California’s name games

California is home to a dizzying array of names, all of them loaded with meanings.

The state’s population, the state’s economy, the geography of the state, and its politics all come together to make up this rich and diverse collection.

Here are our favorite California’s names.


Fresno Valley In the early 1900s, the city of Fresno was founded on the site of the ancient city of Auchenai.

Today, it’s home to about a million people, most of whom live in Fresno’s agricultural heartland.

In fact, Fresno’s name is a play on the Greek word for “city,” the city, or “frenzied.”

Fresno’s “fra” is pronounced “F-a,” while its “r” is a double-meaning for “reputation.”


Fresno, California The state capital of California is Fresno, and Fresno itself is the state capital.

In addition to being home to the state Capitol, it is also the home of the Fresno State Fair.

But what’s the “fresno” part of the name?

It’s pronounced “freeso,” and it’s a combination of “fron” (meaning “to go”) and “fris” (the name for the city’s name, which translates as “city”).

The city of about 4.5 million people was named for a river in the city that once flowed through it, but today, it actually flows through the state capitol.


El Camino Real The historic town of El Camano Real in the Los Angeles metropolitan area is named for the Santa Monica Mountains.

It’s also named after the famous Santa Monica Bridge that spans the river El Camo.


Santa Monica, California One of the most iconic and famous landmarks in Southern California is the iconic Santa Monica Pier.

Built in 1924, the pier was built on the former site of an old rail station, where trains were stopped for maintenance and passengers disembarked after dark.

The Pier’s main attraction is the spectacular view of the city from its pier, which is a sight to behold for visitors.

In 2014, it was renamed the “Titan Pier” after the famed ocean liner that carried the first passengers from New York to San Francisco in 1878.


L.A. River The L. A. River is one of the oldest in the United States.

It was named after a man who lived in Los Angeles who was famous for being an avid fisherman and a philanthropist.

He was also a member of the California State Bar, a founding member of Los Angeles’ Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce, and the city mayor of the town of Los Alamitos from 1862 to 1878, according to the city.

He died in 1894.


San Fernando Valley In Santa Barbara County, about 50 miles south of downtown Los Angeles, is the city known as San Fernando.

It is home for Santa Monica High School, which boasts a track that was the first of its kind in the country, according.

There are a variety of places in the area named after people, but the name “San Fernando” is probably the most well-known.

Its usage has also been adopted by the area’s business and entertainment districts.


Los Angeles River A waterway in the Mojave Desert is named after Los Angeles resident L. L .

Calaveras, who in the late 19th century built a dam and dam-bearing structure in the valley in what is now the Los Angeles River.

The Los Angeles Basin, as it is known in the region, is a region that includes parts of California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona’s Great Basin, Nevada’s San Bernardino, and parts of Colorado’s Sand Hills.


Los Gatos River In the San Fernando Mountains, called the Los Gatans River, the name means “river of light” or “river flowing.”

It’s named after L.G. Burt, a prominent U.S. businessman who lived on the river.

In 1894, Burt purchased the land where the river now flows and renamed it the Los Gatos River.


San Bernardino Mountains In the Los Alamits Basin, California, sits the town and city of San Bernardino.

It has been the seat of the Los Palomas-Laneda Indian Reservation since 1872.

The town is also home to more than 150 Native American tribes.

The name “Palomas” is Latin for “good.”


Los Banos Mountains In Southern California, called Los Banas Mountains, the region is known as the “Redwoods.”

The area is home also to the Santa Clara Mountains, which form the eastern border of the Sierra Nevada and range from San Diego, California to Joshua Tree, California.

The area was once a major farming area but has become more urbanized.

In the 1960s, it hosted a national park and the world’s largest amusement park, where the Walt Disney

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