‘The Pig Farm’ returns to AMC, AMC TV with ‘The Farm’

AMC has officially renewed The Farm for a second season, marking the network’s first series renewal in a decade.

The show, based on the bestselling book by James Patterson, has been renewed for a third and final season.

“The Farm” returns for its third season on AMC, following season two of the series, which was based on a best-selling novel by Patterson, which aired on AMC in 2016.

The Farm, which centers on the life of a rural pig farmer named Peter (Jim Caviezel), has been the subject of many reviews and has been an Emmy Award finalist for outstanding original programming.

The farm was the subject for the first season of the TV series and starred Kevin Spacey, as Peter, played by Anthony Anderson.

The cast also included Mark Hamill, Anthony Hopkins, David Oyelowo, Jada Pinkett Smith, Olivia Munn, and Jason Isaacs.

The third season of The Farm will be available on AMC on September 15, 2019.

“Peter is not only the center of the show, he is the center for all of the story,” said AMC president David Nevins.

“We are so proud to continue the incredible story that The Farm has told over the last 13 years.”

The farm is a testament to the unique relationship between the family of Peter and his mother (Aubrey Plaza), who raised him on her own and is now in her 60s.

The story of Peter’s story, along with his mother’s family, was inspired by the real life story of her mother’s father, a farmer from Michigan.

The producers hope the second season will capture the depth of that relationship.

“With the farm in such a beautiful location, I think we will be able to bring Peter’s amazing story to life,” said Nevins, who also oversees AMC’s digital and entertainment unit.

“I think it will be an extraordinary story and we’re so excited about it.”

The second season of “The Pig House” will also include a reprise of the “Farmhouse” episode from the first series, in which Peter and the family go on a trip to visit their father, who lives in Maine.

The first episode aired in November 2017, and the second episode was released in November 2018.

The series, based loosely on a true story, was about a farm where Peter and some friends, including his father, were raised.

“It’s a story that will have to live on, and will be told again and again, to tell that story in the coming years,” said TNT President and CEO David Levy.

“This is a show that is at the core of the American dream and I’m excited to continue telling it.”

“The Farmer’s Daughter” has been on TNT for five seasons, and is one of the network�s longest-running scripted series.

The fifth season of that series, “The Child,” premiered in September 2019.

The Animal Farm episode from that series won a Golden Globe for best original programming and a Critics� Choice Award for best drama series.

For more on The Farm and other AMC shows, visit AMC.com/shows.

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