Fox Farm crafts Daisy Farm craft beer for the 2017 FIFA World Cup

Fox Farm has teamed up with Daisy Farm Crafts to create a special brew for the FIFA World Championships.

The brewery, which also makes the famous Fox Farm brand, will brew a seasonal collaboration beer for both the games and the FIFA Women’s World Cup, according to Fox Farm.

The beer will be named Daisy Farmcraft, and will be available at the brewery on the Friday of the World Cup.

Fox Farm co-owner and founder of the company, Jim Tabor, said the partnership with Daisy was a natural choice for the brewery.

“We love the way the foxes and foxes produce,” Tabor said.

“They have a beautiful, beautiful way of growing and harvesting and, of course, they’re very good dogs.

It’s a great thing to combine with a beer, especially one that’s been brewed with foxes.

It just makes sense to bring this to the World’s biggest sporting event.”

Tabor and his team had been eyeing the possibility of creating a craft beer to accompany the World Championships, but he and his wife, Ann, had to settle for a beer.

“I was so excited,” he said.

Tabor added that he and Ann are “always looking for great, creative, creative beers, so it was really exciting to be able to create this beer for them.”

Daisy Farm was established in 2007 and is headquartered in Santa Monica, California.

Its beers include Fox Farm’s Fox Farm Rye, Fox Farm Imperial Porter and Fox Farm Wheat.

The brand is also available on select shelves at grocery stores, wine stores and online.

Daisy Farm has a history of brewing beers and the brewery has made the beer available to Fox Farms customers for years.

“For Daisy Farm, we’re not just a brewery,” Taber said.

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