The World’s Most Terrifying Animals

When it comes to our most terrifying animals, it’s the great white shark that’s a bit of a wildcard.

The shark is also the most widespread vertebrate in the world, and a recent study showed that sharks can consume as many as 500,000 tonnes of food a day.

While this makes it a very tasty creature, we’ve never really understood its eating habits.

The scientists at the University of Wisconsin have a new theory that could shed light on what makes sharks tick.

The theory goes back to the ancient Greeks, who were keen to understand the habits of wild animals and were fascinated by the shark.

But the ancient writers often left out the details about the sharks feeding habits.

It turns out that the great whites were actually very different to modern sharks, the researchers say.

In fact, modern sharks have a “very different feeding style”.

It is not possible to predict how much food sharks will consume, but the authors say that the difference in eating habits between modern and ancient sharks should be explained.

For example, modern shark teeth are sharp and the shark can chew through them to remove food.

The ancient shark teeth were softer and more delicate, so it took a lot more effort for the sharks to get through them, they say.

The sharks also used a different feeding strategy.

The modern sharks are not only able to swallow a lot of food, they also have teeth that they use to grab their prey.

But ancient sharks were not able to use the same strategy to grab food, the authors suggest.

This makes the ancient sharks a lot smaller and less agile than modern sharks.

But their ability to eat big chunks of food makes them one of the world’s most feared sharks.

And the researchers believe that their hunting tactics were a lot like those of modern sharks to keep the ancient people happy.

“The fact that they are such a different predator from the modern sharks is really interesting and has to do with their behaviour,” says lead author Christopher Meehan, a PhD student in the Department of Biological Sciences.

He says that it’s possible that these modern sharks were hunting a smaller, faster predator that they knew was easier to hunt.

But Meeham is sceptical.

“In general, modern hunting behaviour seems to be very similar to that of the great whitetip, so that’s not a particularly surprising finding,” he says.

The researchers also looked at the behaviour of the shark itself.

The authors say there are some differences between the teeth of ancient sharks and modern ones.

Modern sharks have the more common “facial fin” teeth, while the ancient teeth have a slightly more “slip fin” style.

In general, the study suggests that the ancient shark’s feeding behaviour may have been more like that of modern, rather than the ancient, sharks.

“There are lots of differences in the way they use their teeth, and in what they use for prey acquisition, but I think it’s important to note that these behaviours are very similar across species,” says Meegan.

It is unknown what kind of diet sharks used to consume.

It was previously thought that sharks used their fins to grab prey, but that has now been questioned, as the authors have found that sharks in the wild may use their fins for catching fish.

The study was published in the Journal of Experimental Biology.

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