What are the most challenging careers you have ever had?

The most challenging job you have had in your life, or any job for that matter, has been that of a farmer.

The job is an occupational hazard for many Americans, but it can be a lucrative one.

Farmers have been working in the fields for thousands of years, but they are not just farmers anymore.

Today, they work in industries ranging from healthcare to agriculture to education to the military, and even the law and government.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says the average annual salary for a farmer is about $40,000.

That’s the average wage for people who have completed two years of college.

It also includes many people with less education, and some who have never worked in farming before.

For those who have worked in the industry for more than a decade, the most difficult part of it is that you are constantly learning, and you never know when you might not be needed.

So, if you are looking for a job in farming, make sure to be prepared.

“Farmers are incredibly important to the country and our economy,” says David Lutz, associate director of economic policy studies at the Economic Policy Institute.

“Farmers represent a significant part of our economy, with over three-quarters of all farm income coming from farming.”

The average farmer works about 12 hours a day, six days a week, and most days they are on a farm, according to the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization.

Lutz says most farmers are paid between $10 and $15 an hour, which is about the national average for a farmworker.

Farm workers make up the majority of farm employees in many states.

But many have been pushed to take more demanding jobs, including law enforcement, social workers, and others who provide child care.

Lutz says the number of farmers and their families with children has grown dramatically in recent years.

That includes those with children.

“There is now a large number of young children and adolescents who are working in agriculture, and this is also happening in many urban areas as well,” he says.

“These are people who are very dependent on their families, and it’s not uncommon for them to be working more than 50 hours a week.”

Farm workers often have to take on a new job, which can be an expensive and stressful one.

“You have to be very careful, you have to make sure that the environment is right, and there is a certain amount of responsibility and control,” says Lutz.

“There is a huge amount of control over the amount of hours you work.

It’s a lot of responsibility.”

Lutz also notes that there are many new skills that can be learned as a farm worker. “

But, there is also a great reward of being able to take care of your family.”

Lutz also notes that there are many new skills that can be learned as a farm worker.

“Many of these skills come from the agricultural industry itself, such as the importance of teamwork and teamwork in farming,” he explains.

“It’s a much more collaborative environment and a lot more personal contact.

That is what makes people such a valuable asset to the community.”

There are plenty of options for getting the most out of farming, from apprenticeship programs to full-time work.

And for those looking for the highest pay, there’s an array of benefits.

For example, some farmers who have received college degrees, and who have had experience in the field for a certain number of years have been eligible for a tax credit that allows them to work full- or part-time.

And there are also government incentives that encourage farmers to start families.

Farm jobs often pay well and many are full- and part-timers.

But they also pay more, and more of them come with the responsibility of raising children.

And they also carry a lot on their shoulders.

Lott says some farmers are afraid of their children becoming farmworkers.

But the vast majority of the time, it’s worth it, especially for the kids.

“A lot of them have families and a place where they can come back and go back to, and be part of their community,” he said.

“The payoff is not to be a burden, it is to be able to support yourself and your family and to be successful.”

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