What you need to know about terrace farms and the farmers who rely on them

A farmer who grew strawberries in a terrace farm in California is now facing an investigation after he allegedly sold strawberries to a man with a criminal record for selling drugs.

Katherine Heffernan was in California when she started growing strawberries in her terrace in December 2016.

But the next day, the strawberries she had grown were sold to a woman named Michael B. Siegel, who was arrested on a warrant.

According to Heffey, she told Siegel she needed the strawberries and she would pay him $50,000 to grow them.

She didn’t know that Siegel was arrested for selling narcotics.

Siegel told the FBI he was selling cocaine and methamphetamine to get money from people in California and Florida.

Heffernans farm is located on the outskirts of Bakersfield, California.

She told CNN affiliate KABC-TV that she doesn’t know what happened to the strawberries that were sold by Siegel.

She said the strawberries were sold for about $5 a pound and that she never received any payment.

She told KABC that Sauer is a person she trusts.

The strawberries were picked in February and she said she didn’t have to worry about her strawberries going to waste.

Sauer has a criminal history.

According to court documents, he was charged in 2008 with a second-degree felony of trafficking methamphetamine and cocaine, but was acquitted.

Saffner told KNBC that the strawberries weren’t being sold for the money Siegel promised to grow.

He said he was trying to get his life together.

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