Which of the farms in Nova Scotia is best for Nova Scotians?

It’s the most important question of all.

The question of which of Nova Scotia’s six farms is best suited to Nova Scotian families has divided families and communities across the province, with some people saying they prefer to live in other parts of the province while others say it’s not a good idea to leave the capital city.

And now the government has been forced to make a decision as to which of the six farms in the province is best.

In the short term, the Nova Scotia Government has announced that all Nova Scotias three nurseries in the Capital Region will continue to operate as they are.

However, it’s expected that Nova Scotia’s four largest farms, in the south, will close their doors by July 2019.

The remaining two farms in both regions, located in the north, will shut down by December 2019.

All Nova Scotis six farms are situated in the city of Dartmouth, but the Government has not yet said whether the farms are located in or outside of the city.

In its decision to close all the farms, the Government said it would be the “last resort” to deal with any shortage of space in the region.

“We must remain steadfast in our commitment to providing a fair and equitable opportunity to our residents and businesses in Nova Scotes three nursery communities,” the Government stated in its decision.

“Nova Scotia’s farms are the heart of the state, and we must ensure they continue to thrive.”

A Nova Scotia farm worker works in the fields at Magnolia Farms in the capital of Halifax.

Source: Andrew Harnik/ABC News.

What about the other three farms?

The Government said there will be a process to find a suitable home for the remaining three farms in each of the three regions, with the option of purchasing them in a private sale.

The Government will also be looking to the private sector for any potential investment in the remaining farms, including those that have already been built.

What happens to the remaining five farms?

There are currently more than 20,000 Nova Scotians living in homes in the cities of Dartmouth and Port Royal.

The remaining farms are home to around 3,000 people.

There are two schools on the farms that provide an alternative education option to Nova Scotia Schools.

One of the schools in the area is run by a private corporation, while the other is run jointly by the local government and Nova Scotia Nurseries.

All three of the Nova Scoties farms are managed by the Nova SSC, which is owned by the Government.

The Nova Scotia government has made an announcement regarding the closing of Nova Scotial nurseries.

It’s a matter of principle that we want to provide for the best possible future for our families.

But the current conditions in NovaScotia are unsustainable, and it’s important to look to future economic circumstances to determine if we can continue to provide that.

“There are three important things we want the community to know, which are the health, safety and wellbeing of our residents, as well as the future of NovaScotias economy,” the NovaSSC said in a statement.

“The community needs to be informed of the closure of the remaining four nurseries and the plans for a new, viable farming community.

We encourage people to contact their local Nova Scotia Health Department or local community health centres if they are concerned.”

Nova SSC spokesman Andrew Dickson said the Government is aware of the community concerns.

“This announcement is an important step in the right direction,” he said.

“We want to make sure the people of NovaSciences community feel confident and are fully informed of what is going on.”

A spokesperson for the Nova Farmworkers Union said the workers are pleased that the Government was taking action and said the union would be watching closely.

“They’ve got to take care of their workers, they’ve got a lot of other issues to worry about,” union president David Leitch said.

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