Why the cannabis farmer is in business in Tennessee

The Blackberry Farm is a sprawling farm that is home to a marijuana cultivation facility.

The farmers business is being challenged by the Tennessee Department of Agriculture, who says it’s illegal for the farmer to grow marijuana.

In response, the Blackberry farmer says his farm is complying with the state and federal regulations, and his operation is operating legally.

But, the Tennessee Attorney General is calling the farm’s operations illegal.

Read more on The Globe and Mail’s investigation into the cannabis farming industry in Tennessee.

“We’ve got to enforce the laws, but I’m not going to put our farm in jeopardy because of a federal regulation,” the farmer told The Globe.

He also said he was looking into legal action.

The state’s Attorney General, Greg Strimling, said the Department of Health has issued “a directive to all growers to cease and desist” from growing cannabis in Tennessee unless they’re complying with federal law.

He said it was “the responsibility of growers to comply with federal regulations” and that “we have no choice but to enforce that law.”

Strimings office issued a statement to The Globe that said “regardless of the outcome of this lawsuit, we will be working to protect the public health, safety and welfare of Tennesseans and our farmers and our communities.”

The state has made it a requirement for all growers in the state to have a cultivation license.

The plant is considered an illegal drug by federal law, which prohibits the cultivation of marijuana.

The farmer said he had not received a license yet.

He plans to file a complaint against the state on July 1.

The Farm Bureau, the nation’s largest cannabis advocacy group, issued a similar statement saying the Farm Bureau is “deeply disappointed that the state of Tennessee has refused to renew the license of our local cannabis farmers and that the State is continuing to deny the farmer’s application for a cannabis license.”

Read more from The Globe in this story:  The blackberry farmer has not been charged with any crimes, said Bob Johnson, the Farm Bulletin’s regional director.

“I don’t think anybody would want to take a chance on somebody who’s going to run a little wild, but we don’t have the police or the feds looking into anything,” he said.

“They’ve never been told anything.

If you look at our farm, if we’re breaking any laws, if there’s any kind of problems, we’re going to go to court.”

Johnson said the farm is “completely compliant with all the laws” and there are no plans to change that.

“You can’t be a farmer if you’re not a citizen of the United States,” he told The Associated Press.

“And that’s why it’s so important for us to be as transparent as we can with everybody.

We don’t want to lose anyone.” 

The farm is owned by a licensed grower who’s not facing any criminal charges, Johnson said. 

Johnson said he plans to open a cannabis shop and offer products to the public, including edibles.

The farm’s other farmer, John Stacey, told The AP that he has also been cooperative with the farm bureau and will abide by all regulations. 

“I’m just a citizen.

I’m a farm owner.

I’ve never violated any laws,” Stacey told The Post. 

In the meantime, the farmer said, he’ll be “trying to figure out how to make money for me.”

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