How to get your pumpkin on in 2018

Farmers are getting ready for the season.

But, they might have to start with some very big changes.

Read MoreOn Dec. 6, the Environmental Protection Agency released a rule that will allow farmers to grow, harvest and sell wild-caught pumpkins and squash.

The rule, which takes effect on Jan. 1, will allow consumers to buy and sell pumpkin seeds, as well as pumpkin and squash that have been artificially grown.

It will also allow pumpkin farmers to sell wild pumpkins at a lower price and have them grow and harvest their own food.

The rule allows farmers to get around the EPA rule by growing their own pumpkins, but it will require them to apply for and receive a permit from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

The rules would allow farmers who are not licensed to grow pumpkins to grow them.

Pumpkins can be grown outdoors in spring, summer or fall, but the USDA’s new rule will allow them to be grown indoors as well.

That could give some farmers more freedom to choose their crops.

“You will be able to grow a variety of pumpkins,” said Rick Johnson, senior vice president of marketing at The Pumpkin Farm in Westfield, Illinois.

“But it’s a little bit different.”

But it does open the door for some challenges.

The new rule says that pumpkins can’t be grown more than 25 feet from a house, a rule farmers have been using to protect themselves from the EPA’s rule.

That’s too far from most people’s homes.

“Pumpkin farmers have used this rule to protect their families,” said John Stoll, executive director of the Iowa Farm Bureau.

“The USDA rule is one more step in their plan to prevent them from growing pumpkins.

And it could lead to even more legal trouble for these farmers.”

While the rule will protect pumpkins that are not grown outdoors, it will not allow them indoors.

That means a pumpkin farmer can grow a pumpkins without having to obtain a permit.

Some farmers may opt to grow their pumpkins indoors to protect the environment, said Tom Wertheim, director of agriculture at the Iowa Sustainable Agriculture Alliance.

He said the rules will help protect pumpkin farmers from the government and from the legal issues that come with growing pumpkin.

“We will be the ones who get to make this decision,” Wertheimer said.

“It’s going to be the biggest change in our farming experience.”

The USDA rules also allow pumpkins from a few different states to be imported, meaning pumpkins could come to Iowa, Wisconsin or New York, or they could come from states like Vermont and New Jersey.

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