Why Pepperidge Farm remembers: How it helped save the US military

What started as a routine visit to the local hospital turned into a remarkable event on August 12, 1942, when the 1st Battalion, 1st Cavalry Regiment of the 4th Infantry Division, along with other local units, was tasked with protecting the US Army’s Pacific coast from a Japanese invasion.

The event, however, would prove to be more than a military event.

The 1st Infantry Division would be the last major US unit to be involved in the Japanese Pacific War, and its members would spend the next six years fighting in the brutal Pacific war, often facing off against Japanese troops in the region.

In the years after the war, many of those soldiers would go on to serve in the US armed forces.

In fact, it was the veterans of the 2nd Battalion, 26th Infantry Regiment, who would come to bear some of the brunt of the combat.

During World War II, the 26th and other US units served under the command of General George Custer, who was captured by the Japanese in Manchuria in December 1942.

Custer was eventually executed by the Soviets, who used his remains as a human sacrifice.

But Custer’s remains would be donated to the American National Cemetery, which is where Pepperidge Farms, now a state park, is located today.

“The war, like the war in Europe, has a lasting impact on the country,” Pepperidge farm owner Robert Pepperidge, a former Army Ranger, said during a recent visit to Pepperidge farms.

“When you look at the impact that the war had on the veterans and their families, and then you look back on what the veterans have accomplished, you realize that they really did contribute a great deal to our country.

That’s why we want to remember them.”

The history of the veterans who served in the 1,400th and 26th was one of sacrifice and sacrifice.

After the war ended, the American veterans who would serve in WWII would go to serve with the United States Army.

Today, Pepperidge farmers still collect his remains and are continuing to work to preserve the remains of the men who were part of the military, Pepperich said.

In 2016, the 2,000th anniversary of the US occupation of the Japanese-occupied Philippines, Pepperith Farms will celebrate the 1-2-3,000 veterans who were members of the American military, along for the ride.

“When you are part of something that has an enormous legacy, that’s one of the things you want to be remembered for,” Pepperith said.

“I think there’s a very strong tradition in America of remembering those who served and are in some way, and we want them to be recognized.”

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