Why do cows go into a body farm?

If you have a question about dairy cows, ask your veterinarian.

A body farm is an operation in which cows are slaughtered and stored on a farm.

They are then transported to a slaughterhouse to be used as cattle feed.

A cow’s health is important to dairy farmers, but so is her weight.

Dairy farms are often located in rural areas and require large amounts of space.

Some cattle producers have been known to move their cows out of their own barns and into the barns of others.

A few years ago, a small herd of dairy cows moved from a farm in Texas to a barn in Nebraska.

The cows had not been fed the same pasture as the other cows on the farm.

Some ranchers, however, said the cows were fine.

But they were still not treated the same.

A couple of years ago in Illinois, a herd of cattle from a dairy farm in Missouri went into a slaughter house in southern Illinois and died.

A veterinarian who examined the cows at the time, Dr. James Ochsner, said he found evidence that the animals had been sick from previous handling, so the cause of death could have been related to the cows being transported.

It is also possible the cows had been poisoned, which is a common problem for cattle.

If the cows did not have any other problems on the dairy farm, the veterinarian said it could have just been an accident.

A dairy farm’s owner must sign a contract and pay a fee to the USDA to operate the farm, according to the National Dairy Council.

The dairy farm must also meet certain requirements.

The owners must: · Feed cows with pasture on which they have not been raised.

· Not kill the cows during feeding or slaughter, unless necessary to protect the animals.

· Have a veterinarian certified by the U.S. Department of Agriculture as a health care provider.

· Pay a $10,000 veterinary inspection fee each year, or $10.50 if the dairy owner has a licensed veterinarian.

· Meet a few of the other requirements listed above.

In the past, there have been reports of cows being killed by being thrown into a ditch or being hit with a fence post while they were being transported to slaughterhouses.

The National Dairy News reported in 2011 that a calf was struck by a fencepost while it was being transported from a slaughtering operation in Kentucky to a dairy facility in Missouri.

In a 2006 story in The News & Observer, a dairy farmer in Michigan was found guilty of killing his cattle while they sat in a ditch and dying in his barn.

The owner of the slaughterhouse in Indiana told the newspaper that he was convicted of animal cruelty for the deaths of his cows, and the animal was never found.

But he had no problems getting a license to operate a dairy slaughterhouse.

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