The truth about tanaka farmers

AUSTRALIA’S tanaka industry is facing a crisis of confidence as it struggles to find the right staff and suppliers, and the country’s biggest retailers are struggling to find new customers.

Tanaka, a staple of indigenous people in central Africa, is the main export crop to the US, but has been targeted by global retailers as they struggle to get a foothold in the region.

Australian retailers say they have been forced to move their business overseas because of declining demand, and are now turning to cheaper Australian-made meat and vegetables.

Key points: Tanaka farms are in desperate need of supplies to keep up with the growing demand for their meat, the Australian Financial Press says Tanaka farmers are losing confidence in their industry, but the big retailers are refusing to budgeSource: The Australian Financial Report article With only 1,500 tanaka plants in the Australian state of Victoria, the industry is struggling to cope with demand.

“It’s been a very difficult time for us,” said Tanaka farmer Samira Muthu.

We’ve lost the trust of the community and the government, she said.

Tanaka, which grows primarily on the banks of the Kalahari River in Tanzania, is a staple for local people.

But the farming community, which relies heavily on subsistence agriculture to survive, has struggled to find skilled workers to keep pace with the demand.

The industry’s only reliable source of income comes from tanaka products, and it is also the source of a major chunk of the food the Tanaka people use for traditional medicine.

For years, tanaka growers have been unable to import their raw meat products to Australia because of poor international trade.

In recent years, however, there has been a boom in international demand for tanaka, as global retailers such as Walmart and Costco opened their warehouses in the US and Europe.

The Australian government, which imports most of its food, has been working hard to expand international trade opportunities, and has even put up a $30 million fund to support the tanaka sector.

With the US still the biggest consumer of tanaka in the world, retailers are increasingly reluctant to bring their products into Australia, and many are now looking for alternative suppliers.

Tanaakas struggle to meet demand with their meat But in recent weeks, the Tanas have been hit by a severe crisis of trust and confidence in the industry.

Since January, there have been two major incidents of violence and arson against tanaka workers, including one last week that killed four.

It was a devastating blow to the community, said Muthi, the chief executive of the Tanakas Community Federation.

This has been the worst day in the history of Tanas in this country, she added.

There have been three previous major incidents in the past two years, including a fire at a tanaka farm in July last year, in which the Tanassas’ livestock was destroyed.

A Tanaka community leader said there were also reports of a rash of thefts at the farm in recent months.

Police have launched an investigation into the killings.

More recently, police in the western state of West Java reported that a group of people from a tanza farm in the northern state of Western Sumatra had been attacked.

Authorities are investigating.

Despite the growing pressure on the Tanaks to move to the United States, the US Government has also been reluctant to give up on the region, despite being the biggest export market for tanuka.

Some Tanakans have been desperate to move overseas, and some have been reluctant because they are losing the trust and faith of their community, Mr Mutho said.

But Mr Moxa said that while the Tananas had been struggling to stay afloat financially, the bigger retailers are now unwilling to budged.

He said there are a number of retailers who are unwilling to sell their goods to Tanakan farmers because of the growing international demand.

“We’ve been told to sell everything, no exceptions,” he said.

Mr Moxoa said the Tanasses were also worried about the impact of the new sanctions the United Nations has imposed on some African countries over their alleged role in the murder of Tanaka activists.

One of those countries is Nigeria, which last week announced that it will impose sanctions on the countries that it says supported the killing of activists, including Tanzania.

Baghdad-based UN human rights expert Mark Goldring said there is an “unjustified and dangerous” threat of sanctions on African countries and that the African Union should reconsider its approach to sanctions against African countries.

Mr Goldring told the ABC that while sanctions against some African nations are justified, they have the potential to backfire and cause problems in the wider world.

While the sanctions against Tanzania are not aimed at the Tanames, Mr Goldring urged them to reconsider their policy.

Earlier this week, the Government announced it would start a review of the sanctions that it has

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